Quick Quotes (7): Karim Ahmad

7 – […]  Storyworlds create exponentially more access points to your content. The more access points there are, the more chances I have to discover your story. Remember, every viewer is a curator now, so give them more content to share.


Karim Ahmad, da un suo articolo su Indiewire, che merita la lettura integrale.


Quick Quotes (6): Michael Gubbins

6 – […] It is about working with, not for, audiences.

Michael Gubbins (da un suo articolo sul Power to the Pixel 2013 pubblicato da IndieWire)

michael gubbins

Quick Quotes (5): Sean Stewart

5 – […] Instead of telling a story, we present the evidence of that story, and let the players tell it to themselves.

Sean Stewart (citato da Jane McGonigal nel suo paper ‘Why I love Bees: A Case Study in Collective Intelligence Gaming’)


Quick Quotes (4): Lance Weiler

4 – […] Any consideration of today‘s audience must start with one sad truth: Some audience members will work hard to avoid paying to see your work.[…] Engaging an audience in a meaningful way does not ensure that your work will not be pirated, but building such relationships may help limit the damage.

Lance Weiler (da un suo articolo su FilmMaker Magazine)


Quick Quotes (3): Gary Hayes

3 – […] These new forms of entertainment will require creators to become writers of place and time.

Gary Hayes (da un illuminante post del suo blog personalizedmedia.com)


Quick Quotes (2): Christy Dena

2 – […] Use artforms that you love. Painters, filmmakers, and game developers all work with the artforms they love. For some reason when people are exploring transmedia for the first time, they often choose media that is popular. […] But if you’re serious about exploring transmedia as an artform, then create with media that you already work with, love or are genuinely curious about.

Christy Dena (da un’intervista rilasciata a comicstoryworld.com)


Quick Quotes (1): Andrea Phillips

…inizio oggi i Quick Quotes,  post in cui riporterò brevi citazioni su transmedia storytelling e dintorni. Parole stimolanti, siano scritte/pronunciate da transmedia guru o da transmedia absolute beginners…


1 – […] the story being told isn’t generally the thing an audience cares about, so much as the telling. The words and flow and pace and tension. The best idea in the world won’t shine through a brutal, inelegant telling.

Andrea Phillips (da un’intervista rilasciata a terribleminds.com)

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